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For First Communion Programme St Peter and All Souls and Our Lady of Lourdes email:

The Sacrament of the Eucharist is not a creation of the Church, but a part of God's plan of salvation from the very beginning. It is prefigured in the Old Testament: in the offerings of Melchizedek, priest king of Jerusalem associated with Abraham, who offers a sacrifice of bread and wine; and in the Passover Lamb sacrificed as God frees His people from the tyranny of Pharaoh. It is also revealed by the prophetic action of Jesus, in feeding the multitude, before He feeds the Church with the gift of His own body and blood.

Pre-requisites for enrolment Children should have reached the ‘age of reason’, or around the age of 7. It is diocesan policy that preparation for First Holy Communion should generally take place in school Year 3 (the year in which the child turns 8 years old). Children should be baptised Catholics, and have a copy of their baptism certificate. (Children of the age of reason who are not baptised will need an extended period of baptismal preparation, not just a one-off class.)

Parents or guardians should be able to commit:

to their children attending all the scheduled First Holy Communion classes;

to the family attending Sunday Mass every week

to themselves attending a minimum of two separate sessions of parental catechesis.

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