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Masses at All Souls are live streamed apart from Saturday and Sunday evening.


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In England, face coverings are required by law to be worn in indoor public places which includes places of worship. If medically exempt from wearing a face mask this should be based on the advice of your doctor rather than your opinion - please wear an exemption lanyard/badge.

Please continue to sanitise your hands on entry and exit, maintain 1m + distancing when entering, leaving the Church, when seated and when going up for Holy Communion. DO NOT ON ANY ACCOUNT come to the Church if you have any COVID symptoms.Flu is now also posing a threat – please get vaccinated for this and for Covid if you have not already done so. Further restrictions or relaxations may be announced without warning as needed. Please remember that the Parish Priest is personally liable in civil and church law for the health & safety of everyone in the building, along with safeguarding.

Beales car park - Sunday parking Tickets – IMPORTANT

From the Sunday 6th Feb 2022 parking tickets will not be available. Beales car park landowners will be using Automatic Number Plate recognition where drivers will have to enter their vehicle registration numbers. Due to this new facility they will not be offering ticketing service as we have known, Concessions will not be offered to us for parking after the 6th Feb 2022 onwards - please make a note of this. Tickets cannot be used after this date.

Parking on -Geneva and Park Road in front of the church is free only on Sundays until 12.30pm

Supporting the Church Financially – Lost Revenue

We are encouraging parishioners to pay their collection by direct debit or through online banking. All Souls has lost the revenue raised through the weekly collection and wall boxes due to the previous closure of the Church and now that Masses have been resumed with limited numbers this is continuing to have a significant effect on the Parish finances. Please do consider paying your weekly collection by direct debit if you do not already do so. If you bank online, you can round up whatever you pay weekly into a monthly figure or make one off payments. Bank details as below:

HSBC, Account Name: St.Peter & All Souls R C Church, Account no. 51333151, sort-code: 40-36-34

Alternatively, you can download a standing order mandate (below) to fill in and post to the parish office. Also, if you pay tax please consider gift aiding your collection, this will not be at any extra cost to you.
Gift Aid Form.pdf

WHAT IS THE JOURNEY TO 2030? ‘The Journey to 2030’ is a lay run campaign that aims to support the Catholic Church and it’s community to progress towards this ‘long path to renewal’, by providing the necessary resources to parishes and individuals in order to engage with the urgent challenge of our ecological crisis.

There is so much wrong in our world today; climate change, poverty, slavery, toxic pollution and resulting ill health. It can be bewildering knowing where to start or how to help.

The Journey to 2030 aims to help our church communities join the global 2030 agenda for change. This website is a place to allow the Church’s contributions, based on Catholic Social Teaching, to add something special to the debate on climate and social action.

The Journey to 2030 calls for a renewed vision for the world, one that chooses to respect life in all its forms.

The Journey to 2030 is both a movement and a web platform. It aims to address these huge problems through community action. The website is a place to share our communities actions, stories and prayers along the journey. By sharing our ideas and stories, we can find motivation and inspiration to act in our own communities.

It is last but not least a place to challenge us! In our thoughts, words and actions.


- Through prioritising our actions, putting the most effective changes first, we can ensure that even the smallest of actions we take in our personal lives will indeed make a great deal of difference. For example, not flying or giving up eating meat will have enormously greater impact than occasionally buying biodegradable dental floss.

Just as everyone has unique gifts, skills and resources, so will everyone’s actions be different. For instance not everyone can afford to buy organic food, or has the health to cycle to work. Instead, it is only important to find the most effective things that YOU can do, and to do all that is within your means.

If faced with a decision and you don’t know what the most ecological thing to do is, follow the tried and tested rule: REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE. The words of this slogan appear in this order for a very good reason. They allow us to prioritise prevention of a deepening ecological crisis over the endless battle against it’s symptoms. We are facing a global problem. The simple solution to this crisis comes in the form of the apparently insignificant daily changes and action of millions of people. Set yourself some targets from each of the following categories in the document, to reduce your impact on the planet. Please download the PDF, read through and discuss with your family and friends.

If you have anything you would like to contribute to the website, or any questions or suggestions, please contact the web editor


Synodal Way in Our Parish. Your homework for Christmas 2021
Please answer these ten questions here

All Souls Building Fund

- by rootadmn

The Catholic Diocese of East Anglia

Peterborough St Peter and All Souls - Standing Together Achieving Miracles

Donate to our JustGiving page

Help us to raise £1.3m to repair St Peter and All Souls Roman Catholic Church and help prevent it from closure. Our church has been at the heart of Peterborough's diverse community for over 125 years, and we need your help

Charity Registration No. 278742

If you would like to help raise money towards the building work at All Souls, you can pay directly into the fundraising account at HSBC Sort code: 40-36-15 Account number: 72401436. Account Name: St Peters & All Souls RC Church.

If your Alive in Faith has come to an end, please consider donating to our Building Fund.

If you do not bank online you can print off the standing order, complete the details, hand in to the parish office and we can set this up for you.

Standing Order Mandate building fund.pdf


Katherine of Aragon Mass at Peterborough Cathedral

- by rootadmn

As part of its week of events to commemorate Katherine of Aragon there will be a Catholic mass at the cathedral on Friday 28 January at 08.30 am. There is also a commemoration service at Katherine’s tomb in the cathedral at 11.00 conducted by The Dean. All Welcome. For other Katherine of Aragon events at the Cathedral please see Katharine of Aragon Festival 2022 - Peterborough Cathedral (



- by rootadmn

As the Synodal Pathway of listening and discerning unfolds, we the bishops of England and Wales, are paying particular attention to the hopes and fears, the joys and anxieties of all who are sharing their thoughts and feelings with us. Please click the link to read the statement: Bishops' Statement: Honouring Sunday - Catholic Bishops' Conference (


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