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Mt 27: 54-55

The centurion and his men

who were keeping watch over Jesus
were terror-stricken at seeing the earthquake
and all that was happening, and said,
“Clearly this was the Son of God!”.
Many women were present looking on from a distance. They had followed Jesus from Galilee to attend to his needs.

He is Thy property now, O Virgin Mother, once again, for He and the world have met and parted. He went out from Thee to do His Father’s work – and He has done and suffered it. Satan and bad men have now no longer any claim upon Him – too long has He been in their arms. Satan took Him up aloft to the high mountain; evil men lifted Him up upon the Cross. .

He has not been in Thy arms, O Mother of God, since He was a child;
but now thou hast a claim upon Him, when the world has done its worst.
For thou art the all-favoured, all-blessed, all-gracious Mother of the Highest.
We rejoice in this great mystery.
He has been hidden in thy womb, He has lain in thy bosom, He has been suckled at thy breasts, He has been carried in thy arms;
and now that He is dead, He is placed upon thy lap.
Virgin Mother of God, pray for us.

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