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Lam 3: 1-2, 9, 16

I am a man who knows affliction from the rod of his anger, one whom he has led and forced to walk in darkness, not in the light.

... He has blocked my ways with fitted stones, and turned my paths aside.... He has broken my teeth with gravel, pressed my face in the dust.

Satan had a second fall, when our Lord came upon earth. By that time he had usurped the dominion of the whole world – and he called himself its king. And he dared to take up the Holy Saviour in his arms, and show Him all kingdoms, and blasphemously promise to give them to Him, His Maker, if He would adore him. Jesus answered, “Begone, Satan!” – and Satan fell down from the high mountain. And Jesus bare witness to it when He said, “I saw Satan, as lightning, falling from heaven”. The Evil One remembered this second defeat, and so now he smote down the Innocent Lord a second time, now that he had Him in his power.

O dear Lord, teach us to suffer with Thee, and not be afraid of Satan’s buffetings, when they come on us from resisting him.

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