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Mk 15: 25-27

It was about nine in the morning when they crucified him

The inscription proclaiming his offence read: ”The King of the Jews”. With him they crucified two insurgents, one at his right and one at his left.

Jesus is pierced through each hand and each foot with a sharp nail. His eyes are dimmed with blood, and are closed by the swollen lids and livid brows which the blows of His executioners have caused. His mouth is filled with vinegar and gall. His head is encircled by the sharp thorns. His heart is pierced with the spear. Thus, all His senses are mortified and crucified, that He may make atonement for every kind of human sin.

O Jesus, mortify and crucify us with Thee.
Let us never sin by hand or foot, by eyes or mouth, or by head or heart.
Let all our senses be a sacrifice to Thee;
let every member sing Thy praise
. Let the sacred blood which flowed from Thy five wounds
anoint us with such sanctifying grace that we may die to the world,
and live only to Thee.

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