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Synodal Pathway Survey Launched

What does it mean? “Synod” come from two Greek words meaning “A way together. ”It has come to mean a business meeting in the Church. There can be a synod in a diocese when a Bishop meets with his priests and others to make practical arrangements. In these gatherings the participants are not like MP’s – they advise and recommend the bishop on his decisions. The Pope also meets regularly with groups of bishops from all over the world. There have recently been such meetings on marriage and family issues and on the particular problems of the Amazon region of South America. Again the bishops discuss and recommend and the Pope takes any decisions.

In 2023 a “Synod on Synodality” is proposed. The Pope wants the whole church to make recommendations about how things can be done in a more open way involving many more people. To prepare for this he is asking people to meet in every diocese and parish. To guide us we have 10 questions to look at. Our thoughts will be passed to a team in the diocese and then collated nationally to be presented at the Synod of Bishops planned for 2023.

The Parish discernment process of the Synodal Way in our parish commences now. At first stage dear parishioners please look at the 10 questions (in the attachment) and try to answer them You can download the 10 questions at home

Please look at it, have your thoughts & discuss it in your home/church. You can email Angelo Cuenca our nominated person at by the deadline of Friday 14th January 2022– If you cannot access online, paper copies are available at the back of the church. Please return these to the Parish Office or Priest when completed and these will be passed on to Angelo. Our findings will be collated and then sent to the diocese soon after. Your prayers and response is very valuable.

Father Adam (Parish Priest)

Angelo Cuenca (Synod Lead Person)

Kind Regards,

Father Adam


CAFOD World Food Crisis

CAFOD – World Food Crisis

The scale of this global crisis is immense – but together, we are far from powerless.

In Kenya, Ethiopia, and South Sudan, up to 20 million people are fighting for their very survival. The threat of extreme hunger is forcing people to spend their life-savings or leave their homes.

This is not normal – no one facing this kind of hunger could ever claim it was normal.

World Food Crisis -Appeal for your help:


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Synodal Way in Our Parish.
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