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Srdecne Vas vitame v Rimsko-katolickom kostole

Sv. Petra a vsetkych svatych (St. Peter & All Souls)

v Peterboroughu

Sv. Omse su v tieto dni:

+ Sobota: 18.00 vecer

+ Nedela: · 08.30

· 10.45

· 18.00 vecer

+ Pondelok az stvrtok o 9.30 rano

+ Piatok: 9.30 a 12.30

+ Sobota: 9.30 rano

Po sv.omsi je vystavena Sviatost Oltarna od 10.00 do 11.00

Spoved: od 10.00 do 11.00 hod.


Rosary Stronghold

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rosary stronghold

Rosary Stronghold Mission - May 2021 - Catholic National Shrine of Our Lady (



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9th May to 6th June.pdf

Past Newsletters

11April to 2nd May.pdf

21 March to 11 April.pdf

1st March to 21st March.pdf

7 Feb to 28 Feb.pdf


​Gift Aid - April 2021 – March 2022

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IMPORTANT: Those that gift aid, if your circumstances have changed and you are no longer paying tax you must inform the parish office the date you stopped paying so we can amend our records and take you off the gift aid register. Unless we are informed by yourselves, we will still claim tax on your behalf so it is very important that you inform the office if you have stopped paying tax immediately. Parishioners that donate by cash (envelopes) the boxes are available to pick up, see a priest after Mass at weekends or Laura during the week.

Tel.: 01733 562528


Spread the Word – The Catholic Universe

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Since 1860 The Catholic Universe newspaper has striven to provide its readers in the faith with the information they need by Speaking up for the poor, helping the young in faith grow closer to Christ and explaining how Catholics should navigate the politics, conflicts, temptations and other vagaries of daily life.

The Catholic Universe can now be delivered direct to your home every week POST FREE (IT’S QUICK AND IT’S SIMPLE) just go to or call us on 0161 820 5722 and we will arrange delivery for you.


SPECIAL OFFER 12 Months: - £99.00

DIGITAL COPY: - 12 Months: £55.00



All papers are Covid safe and packed in a sterile component.



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Understand the Bible from start to finish, the Old and New Testament, with this FREE OF CHARGE,

worldwide-famous course delivered online LIVE by Mauro Iannicelli.

Starts on 7th April 2021 at 7pm (Eight Wednesday evening sessions).

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