Members of the parish choir sing the responses to our psalms for Lent.

Please listen to these very short items to help you to take a meaningful part in the singing of our psalms.

We have vacancies for singers - reading music is not necessary but it helps; we will assist you. Meet in the library most Sundays at 9.50 am. (Enter through the door to the house). We aim to be prayerful in our singing and very welcoming; and there is little pressure if it is not for you!

If the audio player will not open, click on the link below it to open it in your browser.

Palm Sunday

My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?

Maundy Thursday

The Blessed Cup

Easter Sunday

This Day was made by the Lord

Third Sunday of Easter

Show us, O God, the Path

Sixth Sunday of Easter

Cry Out with Joy

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